Welcome to the MagicalRadio website.

MagicalRadio was created in 2005 by myself Andrew Johnson a.k.a Magical, when I first created MagicalRadio it was initially a website to promote new DJ’s and help them with a platform to promote themselves and their music / mixsets.

I decided back in 2012 that the demand was outgrowing my capabilities and more and more promoters were then starting to do the same so I ended the promotion of other DJ’s and started to make mixsets of my own, just for fun really enjoyed just doing it for myself.

The website continued until 2018 just as a front page for my mixsets due to being too busy to revisit the site to put some time into it, however it is now back.

We have all become used to the easy access to popular DJ’s and some of the less known get forgotten along the way which in my opinion is a real shame as some have a lot more talent but never really got the chance.